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ACC approves points system for ATC
The Dawn newspaper in Pakistan reported on Monday that the ACC has approved the points system recommended by its technical committee comprising Sunil Gavaskar (India), Zaheer Abbas (Pakistan), Asantha De Mel (Sri Lanka) and Gazi Ashraf (Bangladesh) for the Asian Test Championship.

It said under the system a team winning a match by an innings will get 16 points and an outright victory will fetch 12 points. In addition, bonus points have also been provided in the first 100 overs of the first innings of both teams.

Scoring 250-299 runs will earn one point, between 300-349 will fetch two points, between 350-399 three points and above 400 runs four points.

In bowling, a side taking four to five wickets will get one point, six to seven will earn two, eight to nine three points and four points for all 10 wickets, it said.