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Sara Stadium to host Bangladesh Test?
Daily News - 9 August 2001

Tamil Union have set their sights in hosting the first-ever cricket Test between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh next month. The match will be part of the Asian Test championships.

Work is going on at a hectic pace at the Saravanamuttu Stadium, venue of India's three-day side game against a Board XI which started yesterday.

Tamil Union treasurer Balan Asirwanathan said that the main requirement to bid for the Test was the completion of the media centre which is being built to modern standards.

He was confident that it would be completed in time for them to stage a Test match by next month as soon as the money is realised by the Cricket Board who are financing the project costing Rs. 8 million.

"We have not got any assurance from the Cricket Board, but we are going ahead with our plans. We are no doubt keen to host the Test," said the treasurer.

Tamil Union has a tradition for 'firsts'. They hosted Sri Lanka's inaugural Test against England in February 1982 and was also the venue for Sri Lanka maiden Test win - over India three years later. No Tests have been played at this venue since 1994, because of the lack of renovation work. However in this past one year or so new dressing rooms have come up and along with it a new media centre as well.